A selection of photos of dogs which were influencial in the breed in the UK and elsewhere, which you may have heard of, but never seen before.
Ausables Abacus
litter brother to Apache Anne and bred by the Nashes in the USA
Ausables Apache Anne
brought in to the UK, in whelp to
'The Dutchman', in 1982, her puppies remained here, but Anne returned to her owners/breeders, Steve & Linda Nash in the USA.
Tag Lha Dominator of Ausables
One of the best looking TMs I have ever seen (Peter)
Angmo Rajkumari Chattang
Known as 'The Dutchman'.
Motoo of Henley
Angmo Rana Chattang Sierras
litter brother of 'The Dutchman'
imported from Ladakh
Motoo and Chico
The famous Tubo - a dog from Nepal, who was the first International champion TM and was used extensively at stud.  Few European TMs cannot have Tubo in their pedigree somewhere.
Two photographs, graciously gifted to us by Mrs. Hunter-Grey.

On the left is a photo of the Hon. Mrs. Freda Bailey, who, with her husband, Colonel Bailey was instrumental in introducing all the Tibetan Breeds to the UK.  She is seen here, at her home in Nepal in the 1930's, with one of her TM dogs.

On the right is Mrs. Hunter-Grey, also in Nepal, with one of her children, her Apso and a black & tan TM dog, which was given to her by the Baileys.
A photo of Tarim (on the left) in the Netherlands, another Kanschur son and half brother to our Kitesh, who is pictured right.
Francesco and Elizabeth from Italy. 
Franci with Kandschur, who is the father of our Kitesh and Eli with Yankee, litter brother to our Shaydo.
The fabulous Akasha  - our Best in Show at the 2001 ATMA show - at the show and as she is today.

Akasha was bred and owned by Sabrina Novarra in the USA and handled by Sabrina's daughter, Ashley.

Here are some more of Sabrina's dogs.
Diesel and Ranger, our Shaydo's mum and dad.
....and last but not least, Barbie owned by Lynn & Chris Turner and Yogi, owned by Alexa Sutton, who will be travelling over from the USA with Shaydo and joining her in the UK show ring.
Crufts Dog Show 1948
Sabrina and Jack
Barbie in March 2005
Yogi in May 2005
Yogi - Best of Breed, Crufts 2008
Yogi - Best of Breed and World Champion
at the World Show in Sweden, July 2008

(with many thanks to Jeff Springham, who took this photo. We are happy to credit you)
A very pleased Shahid Khan with Bhalu at Birrmingham National Champ Show in 2008, where Bhalu was 1st in PG Dog and Res Best Dog to his father Yogi.
Yogi, Best Dog and Best of Breed and his son, Bhalu, Reserve Best Dog at Birmingham National Champ Show, 2008
Uther, at his home in Canada on a day that was 35 degC and humid!!   No wonder his tongue is hanging out.
.. and last but cetainly not least,  Dwt, at home with Helen in Bath.
Son of Ausables Black Magic and The Dutchman (Angmo Rajkumari Chattang), bred in the USA by the Nashes at their Ausables Kennels for, Pauline Brigden in 1982, who brought both Black Magic and Apache Anne, in whelp to the UK.
This photo kindly sent to us by Bruno's proud owner, Jeremy Hackney