Chortens Show News
The first show outing for the puppies from our Jan 2010 litter from Shaydo and Chevy, was the National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show on Saturday, 17th July 2010.
We were extremely happy that the owners of all four puppies decided to enter the show and believe the effort was worthwhile and everyone had a nice day.
We were delighted to see the puppies for the first time since they left us and even happier when Sian and David's 'Kali' took First in TM Puppy Bitch and then Best TM Puppy.  The other three puppies were also placed in the final top five line-up, so everyone went home with a prize card.
TM Puppy Bitch entries
Sergey and Chara
(Thanks to Caroline & Alan Hughes for this photo)
National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show 2010,
Best TM Puppy, Chortens Kali
with proud owner David
'Mum' Sian doing all the hard work in the ring with Kali
Rashmi and Sally 
(Thanks to Jeff Springham for this photo)
Meredyth and Kanchi
(Thanks to Caroline & Alan Hughes for this photo)
TM Best Bitch line up, with Best Bitch & Best of Breed winner, 2nd from left
Kali making a new friend before going into the ring, proving the TM's respect for and affinity with children
...... and her tolerance!

And some news from the KC about the showing of unhealthy dogs. These are the words of the Secretary of the Kennel Club :-

' 'With regard to the breeding with dog(s) shown to have hypothyroidism we will be taking this matter up with Mr Gardiner as an Accredited Breeder to discuss the matter generally and his position on the use at stud of a dog with the disease.

However as with any auto immune disease where the inheritance is complex and not clear cut there are many potential causes, it is difficult for the Kennel Club to make hard and fast rules about breeding for any particular dog/breed or breeder.

The University of Cambridge's detailed listings for inherited diseases does not include the Tibetan Mastiff for Hypothyroidism. Whilst that is not conclusive - it does mean that there has been no research paper produced on the link between the breed and the disease.'

So there you have it, if Cambridge hasn't said there is a problem in the breed, anyone can go ahead and breed, let alone show, what are quite clearly unhealthy and unfit dogs and there will be no come back from the KC even if those dogs could  be affecting the health of the breed for years to come. This does seem to run contrary to everything written with regard to instructions to judges and indeed the Accredited Breeder Scheme. Thank you very much Mrs Kisko for that advice. Are you sure though that dogs which are patently unhealthy can now been shown and placed by judges?