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Following the TMC of GB show, October 2006, judge Juliette Cunliffe, wrote in Our Dogs newspaper....
" I had some truly lovely dogs to go over, finding my Best In Show in Bheara Sha Shen for Darchen and Res BIS, Sierra's Yogananada, two excellent specimens of the breed.
  I awarded Best Puppy In Show to an outstanding youngster which I believe has the potential to do great things.  He is Chortens Bhalu Khan Bahadur and I see he was sired by my RBIS winner and out of my Res Best Bitch, Shang-Hai's Chortens Shaydo."
We and Shahid are also very pleased to be able to report that Bhalu has just been hip scored
and has a score of 11 in total, which is well below the current breed average.
We are both delighted to have been awarded a Gold Medal for this website, presented to us by Dog Behaviour Training UK:
"We are proud to present you with this  award for great achievements in dog website information and resources.    uktibetanmastiffs.co.uk
was selected for its excellence in  information and/or breeding services and proves to be one of  the top areas on the net for knowledge on this topic.
From Canada, Deanna Hickey's Chortens Bachgen Cymreig (Uther), litter brother to Sam and Koko
Eric was invited by Andrew Wang to submit a contribution to a new book about Tibetan Mastiffs which was going to be published in China. Eric duly submitted his thoughts on the Tibetan Mastiff to Andrew and this, together with a number of similar contributions from divers TM people from all over the world, has now been published. Obtaining copies though is proving to be difficult but we have one copy available if anyone woudl like it.

It is very interesting to read the views of the contributors and this book should prove to be a welcome addition to the libraries of those of us who cannot resist buying books about TMs.

Tibetan Mastiffs
PGD (5,3) 1
Khan’s Chortens Bhalu Khan Bahadur, b/t in fantastic coat for this time of year, such a splendid specimen of the breed, superb skull with correct muzzle proportions & excellent bite, good ribbing & loin, well carried tail, moved soundly, as I would have expected from his pleasing overall assembly. Best Dog & Best Of Breed
Judge: Juliette Cunliffe
Shaydo, with two of her pups, Sam & Koko
.. and even better, the lovely Helen has phoned us to let us know that she has also had Dwt hip scored and it has come back as 4/3 !!!! 
Sally and Alan's 'Bear' with a little friend.
You may already know that we lost our Kitesh to epilepsy last July and our friend Kim Lathaen very kindly made us this wood burn portrait of him.  Kim specialises in these wood burn pictures - known as 'pyrography ' - and as you can see she is very skilled at it.  You may see Kim around the shows, but if you would ilke a similar portrait of your dog, give us a shout and we will pass on your contact details to Kim.
So many peole were moved by the demise of Kitesh and our dear friend, Roger Craddock, who is a very talented artist, also produced this terrific drawing for us to hang amongst those of our other dogs. Roger has begun taking commissions - he can do people and other animals, too! - so if you would like a portrait of an animal or human, again, give us a shout and we'll pass your details on to Roger.