Two of our home bred dogs, offered for stud to approved bitches.
Both dogs are from the same litter - in looks Sam follows his mother's side of the family, looking very like Sabrina Novarra's dogs, whereas Bhalu looks much more like his father.

Sire: Sierra's Yogananda at Woolinoze
Dam: Shang-Hai's Chortens Shaydo
Chortens Padmasambhava
Chortens Bhalu Khan Bahadur
It had been our intention to repeat the mating of last year between Shaydo and Heronsview Chevrolet Lad of Wendanade but due to unforseen developments and other issues we decided against this. But in our continuing desire to produce puppies which will contribute positively to the future of the breed in this country, and further afield, we have mated Shaydo with Drakyi Dark Lord of Chymera (Hades) who was imported from the USA by Lynn and Chris Turner. This makes the expected litter an all American affair and one which by combining the excellent bloodlines of  Sabrina Novarra's Shang-Hai kennels with those from the long established Drakyi kennels should produce an outstanding litter of puppies. We saw there would be no benefit in doing what has all too often been done and produce another litter from a repeat mating nor the close matings which happen all too frequently, and instead we decided to do what has rarely been done in the TM world and combine Shang-Hai and Drakyi lines.

Shaydo is a beautiful bitch who's construction and temperament are rarely seen and this combined with the size and impressive looks of Hades, leads us to believe that the puppies will be true to type, of a substantial construction, and benefit from a calm temperament.

The puppies are due on/about 23rd January and although we do have a waiting list, if you are interested in owning one of the puppies and as importantly, are truly interested in the breed and its future, then we will be happy to talk to you. Throughout our 30 plus years of breeding Tibetan dogs, we have always sold our puppies to those whom we believe are the right people rather than someone who just wants a puppy. We have always insisted that we get to meet prospective puppy buyers and by doing so ensure that to the best of our knowledge the puppies go to homes where they will be respected for the rare breed that they are.

This will be Shaydo's third litter and her last, so there will not be another opportunity to acquire this combination of exceptional bloodlines. 
Puppies expected 2011
Below is a photo of Chortens Backgen Cymreig (Uther) in Canada, proudly owned and loved by Deanna Hickey, to whom thanks for the photo.

If you are in Canada or USA and are interested in using Uther at stud you can get hold of Deanna via her own website,
Though we do not have any puppies available now, our very good friend, Alexa Sutton does. Most will already know Alexa as she, like us, has owned, bred and showed TMs for more than two decades.  She is also the owner of the very famous Yogi (Sierra's Yogananda), a double World Champion. Alexa is as passionate as one can be about TMs and her latest litter is well worth seeing.
Get in touch with Alexa and she can tell you all about her available puppies.
Send Alexa an email by clicking